Composing: Overview & Examples

Reuben Vincent composes and produces original music for various media applications internationally in his purpose built recording studio in North Wales, UK. Reuben has experience composing on projects in many genres for companies like McDonald’s and Merlin Entertainment Group and his music has been heard on Channel 4 and MTV.

Whatever your needs, Reuben can supply you with flexible, taylor-made original music to support the purpose of your media project. The client has full involvement in the creative process and decision making with pivotal changes being instantly sent via the internet for approval and feedback.

Please select a video or track below to listen to some of his compositions . . . !

Client: Joe Wainwright Photography (UK Garden Photographer)
Brief: To compose some original solo piano music to support and compliment a slide show film of Garden photos in a minimalist style
Notes: Composed to picture with light strings added in places

Client: Bastian Inverun (German jewellery company)
Brief: To compose some original, contemporary string music to support and compliment a film advertising the Spring/Summer jewellery collection for 2013
Notes: Composed before shooting so the film was cut to the music. Percussion by Andy Kidd