Composing: Testimonials

"I’ve worked with Reuben on a number of projects, the most challenging of which was a 30 second TV advertisement commissioned by a consortium of hospitality sector employers (including McDonald’s, Yo! Sushi, Sodexo and Compass Group) to promote an industry-wide recruitment initiative. The ad was changed numerous times until all of the stakeholders were happy, each revision requiring significant re-working of the soundtrack. Reuben handled these changes calmly and professionally – even finding time to create a 3-minute version of the track to support the final campaign. The final ad appeared on Channel 4, MTV and a number of other youth-focused channels. Great work from a hugely talented professional." - Andy Parsley (on behalf of Green Lion)

"I approached Reuben to produce an original composition to accompany my video because of his reputation for outstanding musical skills, immense creativity and ability to work to a brief while adding significant value to a project. Reuben composed, performed and recorded a beautiful piece of music to a strict deadline. This greatly enhanced and perfectly complemented the video of garden images I had produced. I would recommend him without reservation." - Joe Wainwright Photography

"I LOVE the music so much!!!!!" - Daniela Alexandra Kuehling (on behalf of Bastian Inverun Jewellery)

"Excellent work . Really pleased with the music I received. A pleasure to work with. Very Professional." - Rob Bill (on behalf of Video Wales)

"I approached Reuben about making an ident (short piece of original music that gives a company identity/branding) for my gaming website to avoid copyright issues. Reuben quickly got one composed and polished ready for use. He then began recording our monthly podcasts that he also professionally edited. I have been extremely pleased with the result and would definitely recommend Reuben's services for any composition and recording work." - Dave White (on behalf of Explicit Gamer)

"Reuben was recommended to me when I was looking for someone to compose a short piece of music for my film. I gave him my synopsis and animatic to work with as well as a description and some examples of what I would like the final soundtrack to be like. Reuben worked very quickly and the music he produced was fantastic. It was perfectly timed and suited the animation better than what I imagined. My animation was well received by the audience and I feel as though the music is what makes it work so well. I would definitely recommend Reuben to anyone looking for a composer." - Cassie Austin (film maker)