Recording: Testimonials

"It’s really lovely working with Reuben. It’s a nice relaxed atmosphere and Reuben has really helped me to have more confidence to just “go for it!” The studio set up is excellent and Reuben’s “ear” and technical expertise is superb" - Helen McGuinness

"After 30 years as a professional singer, travelling the world, appearing in top class venues and on Cruise Ships, I wanted to keep a promise to myself to do some more recording when I retired. Reuben was recommended to me. I have been more than impressed with Reuben and his patience and skills as a record producer. But it is also his knowledge and expertise as a musician that has made an impression on me. His knowledge of digital audio work stations and his technical recording expertise is qualified by the amount of top standard projects that he is offered. When recording in his studio, the atmosphere is relaxed, yet professional and his ability to bring out the best in the recording artist whom he is recording is commendable. Reuben is a consummate professional capable of achieving the highest standards from whomever he is working with. Watch out Hollywood!" - Gina Johnson

"Reuben is such a pleasure to work with, and really takes the nerves away from you. It is like you are recording with a friend. He is a very talented musician and I learnt a lot from his technical skills of producing. The CD is fabulous, everyone loves it! I will definitely work with Reuben again!" Shannon Hynes

“Reuben makes you feel totally at ease, taking away those nerves before recording. When I had my recording sessions, he was totally relaxed and very patient with my perfectionist attitude! I certainly enjoyed it, we had a laugh whilst also getting a good job done.” - Ellie Larke 

“My daughter Eva was very nervous and shy about having her voice recorded. 20 mins into her session, she felt so relaxed. Reuben is such a kind and gentle guy. He makes you laugh and feel so at ease. I would highly recommend Reuben for any one who wants to record their songs or music, a truly lovely guy. And as for his studio, I have never seen anything like it!” - Annabella Williams

"As a professional Producer, Mastering Engineer and Remixing Artist for several commercial record labels, Reuben rises to his new role as a consultant, his knowledge and expertise in all areas is a standard I strive to achieve. I check all of my productions with him, and act on his advice before submitting my work to the employing record label." - Shayne Berry

“Reuben Vincent is enthusiastic, friendly and professional as well as being musically talented. I can fully recommend his services for piano recording and editing.” - Joanna Bolton

"Had such good fun recording this piano piece, it goes to show with a great producer and a bit of encouragement us "non muso's" can have a bit of fun in the recording studio. Can't wait for the next recording!" - Margaret French